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This page contains a repository of files, handouts, presentations, source code and other items presented or handed out at KCAIUG meetings. Click the link to save the file.

If you have a snippet of AML, Visual Basic or Avenue Code, a presentation, or a GIS-related document that you have authored please consider submitting it to the KCAIUG downloads page to share with the other members of the KCAIUG.

Send any submissions to the the KCAIUG President. Green Meanie

ArcGIS Server JavaScript API - Presentation given by Dan Haag at December 2008 Kansas City ArcGIS Server Meeting

ArcGIS Server Flex API - Presentation given by Jeremy Bixby at December 2008 Kansas City ArcGIS Server Meeting

ArcIMS Tips and Tricks - Submitted by Dan Haag - ESRI

ClassExtension to perform validation of polygons using ArcGIS - Submitted by Sherman Pittman - USDA

A PowerPoint Presentation of HNTB's February 2002 meeting. MapObjects, C++, VBA, ArcMAP, Hand held technology, etc...

GeoDatabase- A PowerPoint Presentation listing some points to be aware of when using a GeoDatabase.---Submitted by Jayson Troughton - MJ Harden

MapGuide- A PowerPoint presentation outlining the use of Autodesk MapGuide at Kansas City.  Flowchart of application process. ---- Submitted by John Leonard

3Danalyst- A PowerPoint presentation outlining the Kansas City's use of 3D analyst tools to create a digital landscape of downtown --- Submitted by John Leonard

Personal Web Server- How to start a web service and serve web pages within minutes - Submitted by David Bayer

Net Meeting- How to set up software sharing from one desktop to another --- Submitted by John Leonard

10 Worst Mistakes In GIS Project History - Overview of 10 things not to do in a GIS project lifecycle.  Submitted by Jeff Myers - Miner & Miner

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